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The Webfont Revolution Is Over

November 30, 2010

…Let the evolution begin.

So says Typographica.org.

Typographica Screenshot

Rock Not-So-Well

The following paragraph was, I thought, particularly thought-provoking:

Building the fonts is the part of this story that so few anticipated or dared to face. It’s the hard part. So hard, in fact, that some font manufacturers skipped the process altogether, simply releasing their print-optimized fonts as “webfonts” without the significant changes required to make them read well on screen. To me, this is akin to shipping software that is bug-ridden at best. Still, the tech media touts the “thousands” of new fonts now available for web use. Most of what consumers read is about how many fonts you can get and how they are served, but not so much about how they look and read.
I’ve definitely struggled with this. The Calluna typeface you’re reading now doesn’t look so beautiful on Windows-based Webkit browsers (particularly Chrome). I’ve considered alternatives.

Have you found a type delivery system or webfont foundry you like? Sound off in the comments.